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Pasteur Street Brewing

Mar 25, 2020 |
Headquartered in Saigon, Vietnam, Pasteur Street Brewing Company brings together American brewing with fresh Vietnamese ingredients. ... Read more

Lao Brewery

Mar 25, 2020 |
Lao Brewery Co Ltd was established in 1973 and is now a joint venture company owned by the Carlsberg Group and the Lao government. ... Read more

Jolly Brewery

Mar 25, 2020 |
是目前國內唯一將「泰食」與「手工釀啤酒 (Craft beer)」二者完美結合的餐廳,裝潢設計採取後現代主義的精神,呈現出簡約的設計風格,讓消費者能在寬敞、溫馨、舒適的環境用餐,輔以柔和的燈光、時尚的音樂,為嶄新的新概念型態餐廳。 ... Read more

Birzeit Brewery

Mar 25, 2020 |
Shepherds Amber Ale ,4.8% alcohol served in pint glass 6-7c, brewed using traditional methods of production and honed to perfection offer today's consumers the unmistakable taste of four kinds of ... Read more

Have a ".beer" !

To Register your ".beer" domain name, it's here!


Burp.Beer is a new kind of directory offering more precision to its viewers and contributors when they search for info about Beer.

The Beer Directory, sorry, The Burp Directory is for websites with a content related to Beer.

In 2012, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) started to validate new kind of domain name extensions offering new possibilities to website owners and webmasters. It became possible to create domain names with a new web ending such as ".beer" (instead of ".com").

Web URLs (domain names) ending in ".beer" ARE for the world of Beer and allow a much better branding than any other type of domain name:
  • It is about Beer and nothing else;
  • It is easier to remember;
  • It offers the possibility to find available domain names: possibilities are endless and they all end in ".beer";
  • It is intuitive: the viewer instantly understands that the content of the website will be about "beer", and not something else;
  • It is innovative;
  • It's cool.

Why "Burp.beer"?
I think that ".beer" is a very descritpive domain name extension and the perfect match for a website about Beer, it is also perfect for a niche subject such as the one for beer...and when thinking about beer, I thought about the word "burp". I registered "Burp.beer" in 2015 with the first intention to do something with it in the future. I had absolutely no idea that it would become this directory.

You can register a domain name ending in ".beer" here.

Interested in created your own domain name extension contact Jean Guillon at Jovenet Consulting.
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